About Us

MP900049671 (1)Willow Grove Monastery is an online community dedicated to spiritual growth and raising consciousness. Within the monastery we strive to provide an open non-judgmental environment for people to explore and discuss all aspects of life, spirituality and consciousness. Most especially we want to connect and support people who have an inner drive to make a positive difference in the world through service to others. The willow tree, representative of our membership, displays its strength through bending and submission. Through its humility and willingness to yield, the willow will survive a storm that would snap the mighty oak. It is also not too proud to bend down, in order to reach those whom society refuses to raise up.

Monastery membership provides guidance through a director and support staff, so that everyone has access to support and guidance when needed and wanted.

We welcome and respect people of all religions, faiths, non-faiths, and spiritual traditions. While we support sharing of ideas across “schools of origin”, we do not allow preaching or proselytizing. Each person’s faith or non-faith is to be respected as sacred for them. We do use consciousness as the common framework, or language, for our discussions as it is generally accessible and “school of origin” neutral.

We encourage our members to share their time, life experiences, challenges, insights and hearts with each other, in an effort to learn from one another and assist each other in their life progressions. We aspire for our community to serve as a family for those who don’t fit in with the herd, or orthodox conventions, but rather strive to follow the dictates of their own heart.