Member Feedback


Willow Grove Monastery is consciously established to be a different environment. Human life being what it is, people tend to operate on negative feedback. They remain quiet until they see, hear or experience something they don’t like, then they speak out against it. Willow Grove is an environment where all members are expected to operate on the opposite principle. “Wiggers” are expected to operate on positive reinforcement. Doing so means holding one’s tongue on judgments, criticisms and things they don’t like, and speaking freely about and supporting the things they do like. This is especially true when it involves other members of this community. (There are times during accountability or coaching sessions, that constructive criticism is required in order to inform/educate or guide a person. But it should always be done from a place of love. It should also be far outweighed by positive feedback.)

We all need to hear more positives than we typically do. We all need to hear what we’re doing right, and what people appreciate about us. Willow Grove is a place where this practice is cultivated and encouraged.

There is an American Indian tale that goes essentially as follows. A very wise medicine man told a young brave, that every man’s heart is like two wolves fighting for control; one is good and one is bad. The young braved asked the medicine man “Which one will win?” and the medicine man replied: “The one you feed.” At Willow Grove, our culture is to seek out and feed the good.

Energy follows thought, and what you focus your consciousness on, you energetically feed. Therefor it is our practice to NOT kick or curse the darkness, but rather to feed the light so that it will grow stronger.