Tammy Robert

tammy robert
Tammy is a trainer and workshop leader who has been training with Applied Consciousness Systems under the guidance of John Smotherman since 2011. At Willow Grove Monastery she serves as our Community Coordinator.  Her heart to reach others with warmth and compassion shines through as she is usually the first to greet our new members and follow up with member care.

Tammy is also gifted in technology and is the go to person if you are having trouble with your account or if you see a problem with how any of our websites function.

As a massage therapist and trainer, Tammy has embraced the power of human contact in a powerful way.  Tammy’s workshops focus on the power of human touch. She is also in the process of developing work related to supporting women who are in transition in their lives.  She is a tremendous support to these women and has a keen ability to help them work through transition and into transformation through the elevation of consciousness.