Part Two

aaa wehearit com entry 1906540Part Two: Sharpen Awareness of Assumptions, Beliefs and the Flow of Thought

The second part of raising/expanding consciousness is expanding our frame of reference. This process is primarily mental and has to do with the way a person thinks and the assumptions and beliefs we hold. It involves continually expanding the points of view that we take into account when making decisions. The more information we have, the better the decision we can make. Likewise, the more points of view we are capable of drawing from in evaluating a situation, the better the understanding we will have.

Elevating the mental aspect of consciousness is a process of continually expanding the frame of reference within which one operates. One example comes from the school-age years. Most people are familiar with the intense pain experienced by some “crisis” they experienced during their years in school. At the time the crisis seemed monumental. But when later viewed in the context of the person’s entire life, it was really a trivial occurrence. The same is true when considering present life events. When viewed from the perspective of this one life, they may seem major or even devastating. But when our greater minds view things from the perspective of many lifetimes, the significance of these events shrinks dramatically. Likewise, viewing life from the perspective of the greater mind drastically reduces fear and anxiety. The “worst” that can happen in this life (death) is of little significance to the greater mind.

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