Week of October 27th-November 2nd

This week’s Indicator :  Non-Judgmentalism


Nonjudgmentalism is the ability and practice of not making conclusions and judgments about people based on their thoughts, beliefs, motives, or actions.  When this trait is underdeveloped, we will readily adopt critical conclusions   and opinions of other people. We will find fault in the thoughts actions, and beliefs of others and will readily assume and assign ill motives to them.  When this trait is functioning effectively we decline to find fault in others and accept ignorance, mistakes, and less than perfect thinking, beliefs and actions as a normal and understandable part of human life that everyone struggles with.

Non-Judgementalism is one of 21 Indices of Consciousness that our community focuses on improving.  As a community we focus on one Indicator per week and continue to cycle through all 21 Indices on a continual basis.

Conference Call Report

We reviewed our discoveries about Empathy last week. One observation that was common among our community was that when stress levels are high or task needs are taking primary focus, empathy is much harder to achieve.

Community Celebrations:

Tammy has made significant progress in using higher consciousness to resolve a delicate family matter with a much better than expected outcome.

“In its highest form, not judging is the ultimate act of forgiveness.” 
― John KuypersThe Non Judgmental Christian: Five Lessons That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships

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