Why Should We Care About Consciousness?

dreamstimefree_245578In a nutshell, people should care about consciousness because it the single biggest determiner of how happy and successful people will be at the game of “life”.  And by successful, I mean by whatever their particular definition or view of success is.

I’ll start with a pretty good definition of consciousness: “The capacity of a system to respond to stimuli.”  While most people are very aware of the obvious (if you’re unconscious there just isn’t much you can do or succeed at,) the more subtle layers are easy to miss, and most people do.  There are many many reasons why higher (or expanded) consciousness is such a powerful thing.  Most people are aware of the principle that the greater the amount of relevant information you have on a subject, the better a decision you can make.  If we look at the 7 levels of consciousness, we see that each level tends to view the world through a certain “lens”.  (See my blog post on The 7 Levels Of Consciousness.)  Being able to see the world from multiple perspectives (or levels of consciousness) gives more relevant information and leads to better decisions.

Being able to see the world from multiple levels of consciousness also enhances our ability to relate with other people.  If we can see the world the way they do, it then becomes much easier to “connect with them where they’re at” and have meaningful dialogue with them.

Consciousness is a critical component of being successful.  It is a critical component of being able to make and maintain good relationships.  It is also a critical component of how happy we are in life.  Consciousness, and the level of it at which we operate, more than any other thing, determines the quality of our life.  When we think of consciousness as the means by which our minds perceive, interpret, interact with and respond to reality, the significance of consciousness becomes obvious.  Anything we can do to improve this component of our functioning, has far reaching effects on our lives.

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